Freshly Squeezed

January 3rd, 2011  |  by  |  published in Blog

Freshly Squeezed

Now is the winter of our discontent

- Shakespeare, Richard III

For Shanghai Squared, this isn’t a winter of discontent so much as the season of low internet activity. Between Christmas and NYE most people have better things to do than log on. However, for those who have kept reading during these short cold days – thank you.

The exciting news is that come January 17th we are introducing a series of new bloggers who are going to contributes to the site on a daily basis. Amongst them is the highly talented illustrator Robin Wang who is working on a cartoon detailing the life of Haibao in a post-expo Shanghai. More details to come soon.

As for today, we have a great interview in T@lk with an English teacher. As many EFL teachers are aware, schools in Shanghai can often be shady employers. However, before this interview I’d never heard of one which required illegal teachers to run for the back door when the police came knocking.

We also have a round up of the best music of 2010 in our Feature article of the week.

Shanghai’s Scenesters on the Best Music of 2010

January 3rd, 2011  |  by  |  published in Features

Shanghai's Scenesters on the Best Music of 2010

We asked ten of Shanghai’s hottest music scenesters to select their favourite tunes of 2010. Being “2 cool 4 skool,” most of them didn’t get back to us, but here is the rundown of those that did.

Pairs on the Streets of Shanghai

November 13th, 2010  |  by  |  published in Scene

Pairs on the Streets of Shanghai

Pairs, an energetic Australian-Chinese rock-duo, have been touring the China circuit for the past six months. With screeching vocals, fast paced drums and heavy guitar licks the band are renowned for their sweat-inducing live shows. We asked Pairs to switch off their amps and take to the streets of Shanghai armed with only a four-string guitar and tambourine.

Adept @ Blue Frog

November 9th, 2010  |  by  |  published in T@lk

Adept @ Blue Frog

Adept, aka. Simon Toppin, has been doing the rounds on Shanghai’s DJ circuit for over two years now. A regular at the recently deceased Logo and an associate of the Ice Cream Truck party crew, he knows his way around the city’s venues. We caught up with him on a Monday night in Blue Frog to talk about the changing face of Shanghai’s electronic music scene.



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