Freshly Squeezed

January 10th, 2011  |  by  |  published in Blog

Freshly Squeezed

It’s a Monday morning and I’m a little late to rise after a round of KTV last night. Nevertheless, here’s what’s new on the site today:

Our feature of the week is the second in the Shanghai vs. series. This time, we pitched Shanghai against London in a price war: how much does a weekend out on the town cost in each city? I think you’ll be surprised by the outcome.

After the overwhelming popularity of the Drunken Dragon pub crawl video. We decided to follow up by talking to brains behind the crawl (or at least one third of the brains) Brandon Woods.

Finally we have some pictures for you from the last ever night at MAO Livehouse in it’s current location.

Freshly Squeezed

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Freshly Squeezed

Now is the winter of our discontent

- Shakespeare, Richard III

For Shanghai Squared, this isn’t a winter of discontent so much as the season of low internet activity. Between Christmas and NYE most people have better things to do than log on. However, for those who have kept reading during these short cold days – thank you.

The exciting news is that come January 17th we are introducing a series of new bloggers who are going to contributes to the site on a daily basis. Amongst them is the highly talented illustrator Robin Wang who is working on a cartoon detailing the life of Haibao in a post-expo Shanghai. More details to come soon.

As for today, we have a great interview in T@lk with an English teacher. As many EFL teachers are aware, schools in Shanghai can often be shady employers. However, before this interview I’d never heard of one which required illegal teachers to run for the back door when the police came knocking.

We also have a round up of the best music of 2010 in our Feature article of the week.

Freshly Squeezed

December 27th, 2010  |  by  |  published in Blog

Freshly Squeezed

It’s the Monday morning after a weekend of festivities and heavy drinking. Santa has come and gone leaving behind various badly chosen gifts (in my case a Kindle) and the odd strike of genius (which in my case was additional pairs of socks0.)

With Christmas over and the NYE on the horizon we decided to provide you with some inspiration on potential new years resolutions. Make a pledge to help reduce you Shanghai’s air pollution and find out why in this weeks Feature: A Breath of Fresh Air.

Back when the website was in the early stages of development, I did an interview with Ivan Yoong, the co-founder of OzNz (now The Oz). While it wasn’t the first interviews I did for T@lk, it was the first I conduced in the nude. Since Ivan’s favourite place in the city was a steamy and mysterious (he still won’t reveal its exact location) bath hour, I couldn’t record the interview. Hence why it’s not verbatim. Read what Ivan said here.

Freshly Squeezed

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Freshly Squeezed

Less then a week from Christmas and still stuck in the office on a Monday morning? Let Shanghai Squared numb those pre-holiday blues with some freshly squeezed content.

Here’s what’s new on the site today:

For this weeks spotlight feature we went deep into the heart of Tianshan Tea City with tea enthusiast Sam Price. If milky English tea is the extent of your tea knowledge, then expand your horizons here.

A few weeks back I met John Wang at his Tattoo studio in French Concession. The ambiance of his place is more akin to a Wes Anderson film than the grimy neon glow one expects from a tattoo parlour. Find out what inspires him here.


Last week saw the first installment of Montage à Trois an amateur photo exhibition. We’ve got video from the event and some of the exhibited photographs here.

We have snaps from this weekends hottest party at The Oz hosted by Dragon Events. See if you were Spotted! here.

As if that’s not enough, we’re going to be adding a number of bloggers to the site over the next coming weeks. If you have a novel perspective on the city and want to blog for the site then contact us:

Sh2 loves you.

Freshly Squeezed

December 13th, 2010  |  by  |  published in Blog

Freshly Squeezed

It’s a miserable wet Monday morning here in Shanghai. But we have a bunch of fresh content to brighten up your day.

Back when the weather was warmer, I caught up with Amy Aichholz, a yogo teacher at Y+ studio, in Jing’An Sculpture Park. If you’re interested in the Shanghai yoga scene then check out the interview in T@lk.

This weeks feature article kicks off our Shanghai vs. series. Once a month we going to pitch Shanghai against one of its twin cities. This month it’s the turn of Istanbul, the European Capital of Culture 2010. How does life on the ground compare from the expat perspective? Check out Nichali Ciacco’s impression in Features.

Despite the rain, last nights Montage à Trois was a success with a healthy turn out. Thanks again to Maison Pourcel for hosting us. We hope to run another similar event in the spring. In the meantime, keep your eyes posted on the Scene section for a short video of last nights event.



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