Australia Day at the OZ Bar

For all those sticking around over Chinese New Year and looking to celebrate Australia day for any reason to drink, get down to the Oz on the 26th (Wednesday). Quote “Shanghai Squared” and get a free draft beer or house spirit of your choice. There will also be free shots running all night.

Rants and Raves: No Heat? No big deal?

After living in our apartment for about two weeks with no heat in our living room I’ve decided to turn my frown upside down and consider the pros of this frugal living arrangement.

(note, we’ve tried multiple  times to have Hisense fix the heat.  Currently, they have been to our apartment 6 times and have still not fixed the problem)

1.     As I’ve already mentioned, it’s cheaper.  While the heat may be running in our individual rooms 24/7, it’s NOT running in the living room and wasting energy heating all those other places like the bathroom, kitchen, foyer etc. which means we are saving a few kuai here and there

2.     We don’t need to refrigerate leftovers.  You know how its gross leaving a pot of soup on the stove and simply reheating it 6 hours later for dinner?  Well, it’s not at all a health concern when your kitchen is as cold as your fridge.  Back to that whole “saving” thing.  Every time Ray Ban Baratas we don’t wash a pot to put leftovers into Tupperware we’re saving water and in turn working towards a greener world for you and me.

3.     Going outside isn’t painful.  For those of you sitting in your cozy living rooms watching TV I’m sure just the thought of going outside makes your body convulse in shivers. Not us!  I was just on the balcony watching the snow fall and thought to myself “hmm, not that much colder outside… great!”

4.     Cold beer anyone?  Any beer, any time, anywhere is ready for consumption. Frat houses would be jealous.

5.     Your roommates smell better.  What’s the correlation between temperature and cleanliness you ask? Well, allow me to illustrate.  Everyone knows SOMEONE who has a smelly roommate that thinks good hygiene is only “optional” in a shared living environment.  Even those stingy with soap are more likely to take a nice hot shower if it’s the only way to restore feeling to their fingers and toes.  We’re squeaky clean over here. 2 showers a day. So much for the water we saved not doing dishes.

6.     No cleaning up messy house parties.  Who wants to go party somewhere where they can see their breath INside? Not me! And luckily, not my friends either.

7.     No living room walk of shame.  Has your overnight guest ever been bashful about leaving the confines of your room after hearing chatter coming from the living room?  Well, when your living room is uninhabitable, they can simply slide out unnoticed by everyone.  And for that, I know they’ll thank you.

8.     The dishes in the sink get washed. Back to that whole numb fingers bit.  Washing the dishes means leaving your hands under hot running water for a few minutes ray ban outlet and thus, giving them the gift of feeling once again.  Our dishes when to being stacked sky-high to barely enough to keep sensation in our fingers.

9.     No bugs! Even cockroaches are searching for a warmer place to spend their winter, so they wont be spending it with us.

10. The apartment is tidier, in general.  You know how they always discover things and then say its like they are “frozen in time”?  Well, the same holds true for our living room.  If no ones out there, no one can leave a plate or half drunk cup of tea on the coffee table.  And you better believe the remotes aren’t missing nor do we have to tidy up for guests, because hey, we don’t have those either.

Discount for tonight’s Shanghai Pub Crawl

Shanghai Pub Crawl: TONIGHT

Text your name plus the word “squared” to 15921614544 to receive a ¥20 dicount from the ticket price.

Meet @ O’Malley’s at 9:15pm on Thursday

Shanghai Squared: Introducing…

Six weeks since launch and with over 10,000 page views under our belt, Shanghai Squared is evolving. Today we introduce five new squartributors (contributing squares) who will blogging for us over the next ten weeks. Meet the team and checkout the new weekly line-up.

- Stephen Wright, Editor


Illustrator Robin Miao Wang brings you the story of Expo mascot, Haibao, in a post-Expocalyptic   Shanghai.Prepare for celebrity meltdown on a Britney scale.

Robin is into drawings, photographs and poetry. Her artwork ranges from portraits, fashion illustration, documentary illustration to travel journals. Having spent the past two years working in finance, she is currently perusing her passion for art while enjoying tea and learning French in Dalian.


Architect Evan Chakroff casts his professional eye over the city’s most noteworthy constructions. From the classic concessions of years gone by, to the rather bizzare faux-English “Thames Town” , Evan sheds new light on the shapes of the city.

Evan Chakroff is an designer & theorist currently based in Shanghai’s former French Concession. After spending several years in Europe with architects Herzog & de Meuron (Beijing National Stadium) and Massimiliano Fuksas (Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport), Evan made the move to China, and hopes to use design & criticism to better understand this sprawling, vibrant, sometimes infuriating country at this crucial point in its modern history.


The Drunken Dragon team teaches Ray Ban outlet you the essential Chinese that you’re either too embarrassed to ask or too drunk to remember. From street food to pick up lines, ordering the perfect [read: stronger] drink to pedestrian safety, the drunken dragon has practical Chinese for everyone.

The Drunken Dragon began in business school when three unlikely MBA’s decided to try something different. Brandon, Liz and Jo moved to Shangers with high hopes of meeting some good people and having a great time. They took their social ambitions to the streets by starting Shanghai’s first weekly pub crawl. This crew rolls to different bars each week, exploring the city’s nightlife options and imbibing everything from beer to baijiu. No matter where the night takes them, they always have a shot in hand and a story to share.


Seductress LeXXX (pronounced Lex or Le XXX depending on which side of the Eurostar you call home) brings you a weekly dose of Shanghai smut and well trimmed advice in Shanghai Squared’s very own sex column.

LeXXX is ShanghaiSquared’s resident expert on all matters of love and lust. She spends her evenings observing Shaghai’s dating scene through a glass of red wine. From a ray ban da sole outlet sloppy ladies night kiss to the most explicit sexpat fantasy – LeXXX has seen, heard and done it all. You can ask seek her advice by emailing her at lexxxsquared@gmail.c0m.


Photographer Galen Stolee takes you on a journey around Asia through the lens of his camera. Galen creates pictures that, beyond just telling a story, depict a whole world of colour, shadows, and light that is “truer than true”, where the notion of reality of open for debate and where every moment breaths with life and spark.

Galen Stolee is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based out of New York City, San Francisco, or Ho Chi Minh City, depending on which day of the week it is. He has no children and is afraid of narwhals.

Want to blog for Shanghai Squared? Contact Us.

Sunday Spots: Pause Cafe

During these winter months, Shanghai can be a very quiet place on a Sunday. Going out isn’t very appealing when its sub-zero, but, with central heating and insulation a rare commodity in most residences, staying in isn’t necessarily a warmer option.

In an effort to thaw our readers, we’re going to recommend a different hang out spot each Sunday to warm up those end-of-weekend blues.

Cafe Pause is pocket sized cafe on a newly developed street just south of Fuxing Road. With a maximum capacity of about eleven, this place Ray Ban outlet defines the word cozy. It has been stylishly decorated, boasts a decent book collection, free wi-fi and co-owner Justin makes an excellent cappachino. I like to spend my time sitting in the upstairs knook watching the strollers pass by. Cafe Pause feels like the bohemian apartment you’ve always wanted.

66 Yongkang Lu, Metro: South Shaanxi Road (Line 1,10)

Car hits pet dog, owner forces driver to kneel for an hour

I generally try to refrain from re-posting stuff from other blogs, but this story from Shanghaiist was too good not to. Check out this for a headline:

Car hits pet dog, owner forces driver to kneel for an hour

In nearby Suzhou, a pet dog was accidentally crushed by a passing minivan. Just how is this news? Stay with me. When the owner found out, he became so Ray Ban outlet infuriated that he forced the driver and passenger of the car to kneel over his pet’s corpse for an hour as an apology.

An eyewitness who requested to remain anonymous says he was watching from his building when around 12 noon, he saw a green postal minivan hit a dog that’d come out into the street suddenly. When the driver and passenger got out to check, the life had been well snuffed out of the pooch. The outraged owner, a 20-something male, demanded 5,000 RMB in compensation, and even started getting physical with the men. When the two men from the minivan didn’t have the money to pay up, he forced them to kneel in front of his dead dog’s body for one hour.

Read the full post here.

I’m Square, Wish I Was In Shanghai

Shanghai Squartributor, Will Peach, published this on his blog yesterday. Get your dictionaries ready and read the full entry here.

Shanghai Squared is the new project of my waifish androgynous friend Stephen Wright, currently residing in Shanghai (of all places!).

With a new take on “hyperlocal”, big Stevie W is Ray Ban outlet heading up an editorial team of roving reporter’s scurrying the metropolitan behemoth for stories on love, life, lust and, of course, China itself.

“We don’t want to produce yet another lifestyle magazine exclusively for an elite demographic who spend their time lounging in luxury spas and sipping on imported French wines. Nor are we a listings site”.

Amid all this anarchic spiel and homoerotica (check out this interview with this stud muffin), is an entertaining (and regularly updated) blog that highlights some of those perennial stories that I, stuck here in the western world, miss.

Like this one on the beggar babe.

I’m a contributor too. Check out my feature comparing London to Shanghai. I oversold the sex starved predator a little too much. I must be moving away from my asexual roots.

From Taxis to Toilets

These Authorised Relief Station signs have been appearing in the back of Shanghai’s city taxis over the past few months.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t part of a new goverment urination initiative. Rather it’s the work of Shanghai based street artist looking to cause some mischief in the name of art.

Worryingly, I don’t think it would take much Cheap Oakleys prompting  for a inebriated laowai to relieve himself in the back of a cab.

Have you relieved yourself in the back of a taxi? Let us know.

Some Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Looking for something original to give for Chinese New Year? Or (in my case) looking to get some distant relatives a belated Christmas present?

Shanghai Roots and Shoots has got a new range of neat Eco friendly gifts in aid of their Million Tree Project.

These gifts won’t break the bank AND a Fake Oakleys tree is planted in Inner Mongolia for every one purchased.

If your interested in making a purchase, email Whitney:

Chinese Surrealism makes it to Switzerland

Chinese Surrealism makes it to cheap oakleys Switzerland in a new exhibition named Big Draft Shanghai.

Big Draft Shanghai was the brainchild of Uli Sigg (who couldn’t look more creepy if he tried,) the ex-Swiss ambassador to Beijing. Heis accredited with discovering Chinese Surrealism and is now an influential art collector.

Have a look and the video and let us know your favourite piece in the exhibition.


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