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5 Best Countries to Offshore Bank

Offshore banking options can make good sense, especially for world travelers. Whether you’re looking for secure 1-year fixed rate bonds or simply a reliable and anonymous account in a stable country, you’ll be looking for the same thing: a bank with the most attractive combination of online convenience, features, and of course rates.

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Shanghai’s Giant Inflatable Pig

There’s been a lot of press recently about the 100m tall inflatable duck currently residing in Hong Kong’s harbour. Not to be outdone by its Southern neighbour, Shanghai has cheap oakleys now got its own giant inflatable, at least a Photoshopped one. The giant pink pig sitting off  Huangpu river is a reference to the […]

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iPhone vs. Android: The Battle for the China Market

The citizens Chinese people have fallen in love with the iPhone. It didn’t seem like that at first, with the first two generations of the product selling rather poorly – it was just too expensive when compared with Hong Kong prices. That didn’t last long, though, with Chinese buyers rapidly becoming big fans of Apple, […]

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Your Weekend Guide to Beijing

The following itinerary can be done on foot without a guide. However, distances between attractions in Beijing are often large so some may wish to use a taxi. When we say taxi, we mean the four wheeled variety – stay away from touts offering you cheap rides on their three wheeled tuk-tuks. Accommodation in Beijing can […]

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Everything you need to know about Mahjong

What is mahjong? Mahjong is a Chinese tile game, which is usually played by four people. The object of the game is to complete a certain hand, by drawing and discarding tiles in turn. There is also a one-player variant involving tile matching, but this is not closely related to the original version of mahjong. […]

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Money Exchange in Minutes

British expats, in Shanghai and elsewhere, could be wasting a huge amount of money when they transfer it overseas. A recent report published by Lloyds TSB International says that the total sum lost each year can run into hundreds of pounds. Every time an expat makes use of an international money transfer, it can waste them up to £15. The reason? People often don’t take the time to shop around for money exchange providers who are willing to provide services without charging a fee for the privilege.

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Top 5 Tibetan Tourist Destinations

There are many different China tours to various diverse regions but a vacation to the Tibetan plateau is one not to be missed. With its Buddhist culture, history and natural beauty, Tibet is a unique region that has to be seen to be appreciated. To give you a taste of what is in store on […]

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A Guide to DIY Transport in Shanghai

There are more creative ways than ever to get around Shanghai. From trendy fixed gear bicycles to overcrowded public buses, there is always more than one option to get from A to B. Here’s our low down on ‘do it yourself’ transport in Shanghai.

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The Early Bird’s Guide to Chinese New Year Holiday

It’s never too soon to start planning a vacation for Chinese New Year. You should probably have insurance though because you never know what can happen between finalizing your plans 6 months prior and leaving for the airport the day of. It’s easy to find annual travel insurance but less easy to find affordable flights during the peak season. Here are some ideas for travel February 9th- 16th.

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The Future of Chinese Transportation

Over the past ten years car ownership in major Chinese cities has gone through the roof. There are now 80 plus million cars currently used in China and a further 320 million predicted by 2020. While the elevated roads in Shanghai help ease congestion, residents of Beijing and Guangzhou, China’s second and third biggest cities, suffer from […]

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