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Finding your feet with new relationships in a new country

Expats will often gravitate towards each other. There’s nothing wrong with that by itself, but one of the positive reasons for moving abroad is to try and experience different cultures.

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Discover Disneyland Hong Kong

Travelling the world is on most people’s dream list. Although for many it never becomes a reality, a trip to Hong Kong Disney could make that dream a reality, albeit in a slightly less realistic way. With it’s meeting of East and West this really is a unique holiday experience. Hong Kong has so much to offer, and the Disney parks really are a full holiday on their own.

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5 Essential Budget Travel Tips for China

Although the days of super-cheap travel in China are now long gone, it’s still possible, with a little know-how, to visit China without breaking the bank. Prices for flights, hotels, tickets and food have all risen in tandem with the growth of China’s economy but visiting China can still be done on a considerably tight budget.

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‘Shanghai Street Fight’ by W.M. Butler

A taxi-scooter collision turns into a mass street-brawl between the outraged driver, stunned pedestrians, crafty street hawkers and a over-pampered dog. Our author, W.M.Butler witnessed all and divulges the details in this comical, yet shocking, short story.

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‘The Granny Scourge’ by W.M. Butler

The first in our series of short stories comes from W.M. Butler, a Canadian writer and poet living in Shanghai. He is a regular contributor for H.A.L. Publications.

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Sex Shops Win Popularity among Chinese Girls

Last year, one of my girlfriends bought me a present that I would never forget. It was wrapped with an adorable bag tagged the shop name Amy’s Bedroom. I unwrapped it quickly only to feel nothing but ashamed. It’s a pair of black knickers with a hole on the private part shaped like hot red lips.

Worst Jobs in Shanghai

In a quest to find the worst job in Shanghai, we sent local writer Christian Qu out on the town to gather information. After speaking to various candidates he drew up this shortlist, scientifically ranking them unhappy emotacons. The Recent University Graduate Xin graduated from college in 2010. He now works for an advertising company […]

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