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How to Survive a Thai Full Moon Party

For many expats in Shanghai, Thailand holidays have a lot going for them. The country offers a lot in any month of the year – but there’s one time when everyone wants to go, and that’s full moon. Something you’ll always remember from your travels will be the Full Moon Party. The island of choice for party-goers is Koh Phangan – but it does pay to be prepared!

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Eco-friendly Architecture in Shanghai

Shanghai currently has 100 buildings listed under China’s Green Building Label, which awards up to three stars for constructions identified as low-carbon in their design or operation. Currently flying the flag for this architectural eco-boom, the sustainable skyscraper known as the Shanghai Tower has been long-awaited.

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Shanghai’s Top 5 Hostels

Shanghai is a wonderful city, but it’s not always the easiest place to find cheap, fun accommodation. A great solution to this problem is to stay a hostel – but there are so many of those in the city that selecting the right one can be tricky.

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The Early Bird’s Guide to Golden Week (October Holiday)

It’s never too soon to start planning a vacation for Golden Week, or October week holiday as it’s more commonly known. To guarantee a good deal, book early – and to increase the chances of grabbing a bargain, try using online price comparison sites such as http://www.icelolly.com, or local travel agencies like FlightCentre. Here are five […]

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Shanghai on a Budget: How to Control your finances

A big part of saving money is in knowing how to act like a local. In Shanghai, this means making the best use of its superb public transportation network.

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Everything you need to know about DJ Spenny

In the Shanghai music scene, it takes a lot to stand out. One man, though, is known everywhere for his work at M1NT, and that’s DJ Spenny. Even if you recognize his name, though, you may not know much about the person behind it. Here’s a handy fact file: 1. He was born in England […]

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5 Affordable Shanghai Fitness Centres to Help Keep that New Year’s Resolution

There are plenty of gyms in Shanghai ready and waiting to get you fit this New Year. Make this year’s resolution to get rid of those extra pounds you built up over the holidays and get started with some effective workout programs. To do that, take advantage of the great gyms and trainers that Shanghai can boast. Instead of the mega-gyms in the city, try out some local authority sports centers – some of which will even let you use their facilities for free. Here are five of the best, chosen by Celine Wu and Anna Leach.

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Cheap ways to visit Australia

Australia is an amazing country to travel. The sun is always shining, the weather is amazing, and there is always something to do – not to mention, the people are a delight in themselves. However, even though you’re heading Down Under, it doesn’t mean the prices are heading down with you. Boasting one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in (Sydney), a trip to Australia can take a bit bite out of your wallet if you’re not careful.

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Summer 2013 Major Sporting Events

The London 2012 Olympics may be nothing now but a fond, if distant memory, so if you are missing all of the sporting action of the summer you will be looking forward to the events coming in 2013. There are a number of major events planned in a multitude of different sports, covering everything from […]

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Expat retirement in Shanghai: What are the options?

Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes or QROPS as it is more popularly known, offers huge benefits to those who choose to settle abroad after retirement. Introduced in the 2006 reforms, it offers enormous benefits to expats in Shanghai who were otherwise bound by the rather stringent pension laws of the UK.

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