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Galen Stolee is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based out of New York City, San Francisco, or Ho Chi Minh City, depending on which day of the week it is. He has no children and is afraid of narwhals.




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Solemn Globetrotter: The Annapurna Circuit

Well, that’s it. Ten weeks just sort of flew by, didn’t they? This is my last chapter of Solemn Globetrotter here at Shanghai Squared. I’d like to thank Stephen Wright for inviting me to contribute this column, and all of you that have enjoyed reading it. If you still haven’t had enough and would like […]

Solemn Globetrotter: Nepal

Hi folks! No, you’re not mistaken, there was definitely not an installment of Solemn Globetrotter last week. I probably should have told you this before, but as per my contract with Shanghai Squared I am allowed one day off from work each month. During which I’m allowed to step out of my cage, breathe some […]

Solemn Globetrotter: Uttar Pradesh

If you’ve been paying attention (and I certainly don’t expect you to; feel free to just look at the pictures and go straight back to browsing LOLcats), you’ll notice that I tend to talk a lot of trash about India. And if I’ve sounded a bit captious or even sanctimonious at times, you’re correct in […]

Solemn Globetrotter: Uttarakhand

A very telling moment occurred on Facebook a few weeks back. A friend of mine traveling in India had updated their status as “first stressful moment in this country, two weeks in”. Now normally, when someone we know says that they’re having a stressful vacation, we might ask for more details about what the reasons […]

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Solemn Globetrotter: Kolkata

Oh, India. I’m hard pressed to think of a country in the world that has so many ideas and fantasies projected onto it by potential travelers.¬†Whether it be walking beautiful streets filled with colorful fabrics and the sweet smell of saffron in the air, taking a boat trip down the Ganges at sunset, riding a […]

Solemn Globetrotter: Java

Well, it’s week four, and time to get out of Vietnam for a while. There are still plenty of things that we could cover, including Ha Long Bay and Hoi An, but we’ve only got ten weeks together and there’s just too much to see. One of my favorite things about living in Southeast Asia […]

Solemn Globetrotter: Sa Pa

Much of this region, now referred to by some scholars as Zomia, is populated by ethnic minorities, many of which share a common ancestor but over time have grown increasingly unique. Nowhere can this be easier witnessed than the area that surrounds the town of Sa Pa in Northern Vietnam.

Solemn Globetrotter: Beaches of Vietnam

Today we’ll be exploring the beaches and coasts of Vietnam. Long has Vietnam remained a second- or third-tier beach destination, with nearby Thailand and Bali taking most of

Solemn Globetrotter: Saigon

The Paris of the East, the Jewel of the Mekong Delta, the Thrilla in Ho Chi Milla! I wanted to see for myself this city that had achieved such a distinct identity



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