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The Drunken Dragon began in business school when three unlikely MBA’s decided to try something different. Brandon, Liz and Jo moved to Shangers with high hopes of meeting some good people and having a great time. They took their social ambitions to the streets by starting Shanghai’s first weekly pub crawl. This crew rolls to different bars each week, exploring the city’s nightlife options and imbibing everything from beer to baijiu. No matter where the night takes them, they always have a shot in hand and a story to share.




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Spotted! on the St.Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

Pictures from the St.Patrick’s Day pub crawl. Taken at O’Malley’s, The Oz, Dada and then back to O’Malley’s to finish the night in a sea of green beer.

How to Deal With Police Shutting Down Your Houseparty

Shanghai goes to sleep before most of the laowais who call it home. This doesn’t bode well for those planning any kind of apartment based festivities. So when the cops inevitably bust into your late [or not so late] night house party here are a few things you can say to send them on their way.

How to Successfully Drunk Dial in Chinese

Imagine a world where you could have McDonalds delivered at any hour and you could actually communicate with the bar tender whose number you just got. Here are a few pointers on how to drunk dial in Chinese.

The Top Ten Chinese Excuses for Missing Class or Work

We all need to take a day off once in a while. Its how you handle your return to the class or office that determines if you get away with it or not. The following are our top 10 excuses for slacking off.

Drunken Dragon does Happy Hour

From fake iPhones to fake Coronas China’s got it all. Next time you’re at a bar you will have the tools you need to at least ask the all important question… even if they don’t give you an honest answer

Spotted! on the Valentine’s Day Pub Crawl

Who says you can’t find love on the party bus? We did on the Drunken Dragon Valentine’s day pub crawl. Check out the photos here

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Drunken Dragon does Valentine’s Day

新年快乐Xīnnián kuàilè! Happy New Year was last week’s news. If you were in Shanghai, you know that phrase could turn any frown upside down. From不明白 bù míng bái moments with grumpy taxi driver to awkward elevator rides with your neighbors (after all, 23 floors takes an excruciatingly long 40 seconds), it is great to have […]

Drunken Dragon Handles Your Taxi Dilemmas

From intoxicated mishaps to lost keys, the Drunken Dragon tackles some nightlife vocab for the city’s multicolored chariots who honor their duty to get you home safe and sound.

Spotted! on the Shanghai Pub Crawl

Party snaps taken on the Shanghai Pub Crawl (20/01/11). The Drunken Dragon crawled through O’Malleys, I Love Shanghai, Shiva Lounge and M2 with a rowdy crew of travelers, students and friends. 

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Drunken Dragon Does Shanghai’s Best Street Foods

The pub crawl does due diligence by checking out street food corners and picking up late night snacks.

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