What is Shanghai Squared?

Shanghai Squared is an independent multimedia blog that provides engaging content and commentary on life in contemporary Shanghai. Our mission is to deliver a new angle on life in the city through a range of media and content created by our contributors on the ground. True to its Chinese setting, this is a site for the people made by the people.

What is this “new angle” and how is this different from other sites?

We don’t want to produce yet another lifestyle magazine exclusively for an elite demographic who spend their time lounging in luxury spas and sipping on imported French wines. Nor are we a listings site.

Shanghai Squared offers a professional platform for writers, photographers and designers interested in contributing and publishing their work. It is through this open platform policy, and resulting variation of material, that we aim to provide our readership with a new, more diverse, angle on Shanghai.

What can I expect to find here?

Shanghai Squared is divided into five subsections:


Feature articles are the backbone of Shanghai Squared. Our goal is to publish factual, topical and, hopefully, enjoyable articles which our readers can relate to.


In our interview section, T@lk, we sit down with the people that make the city tick at their favourite location. Be it an estate agent in a boxing ring or a DJ in a burger joint – we want to shed some light on their life here and share their secret city spots with you.


From skateboarding to bar crawling, Shanghai has a scene for everyone. Rather than write reviews of what you’ve missed, we publish video snippets so you can judge for yourself.

On top of everything else, we also blog. Here you will find daily musings, postings or snapshots from life on the ground in Shanghai.


Every so often Shanghai Squared hits the town armed with a camera and a frame. If you happened to be squared in the frame this is where you will end up the next morning.

Is this site exclusively for expats?

No, our website operates in English but it is not just for expats. We welcome all readers and relevant contributions.

How can I contribute?

At Shanghai Squared we aim to blur the line between consumer and contributor. So if you are a writer, photographer, film maker or designer get in touch and join our team of volunteers who make this site a reality.  Pitch your ideas to: shanghaisquared@gmail.com



To get in touch, email us at: