A London Iconic View: Tower Bridge

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Tower Bridge

Search for pictures of London and it won’t be long before you come across an image of Tower Bridge.  A tourist destination in its own right, the bridge has been standing for about 120 years continuing to carry traffic daily.  What’s more is, during your stay, you are able to book hotels near Tower Bridge from Travelodge and wake up to a view of the iconic skyline.

If you’ve ever studied Geography at school you should be able to say with some conviction that Tower Bridge is a suspension bridge.  The two towers are built to support the upper section of the bridge, which has to be built at this level due to tall ships passing through the Thames.  The bridge does not take its name from its own two towers however and instead is named Tower Bridge because of its proximity to the Tower of London.  When it was first built it was the only bridge crossing the Thames.

The bridge is situated in a corporate area of London with many office buildings, including the News International building, standing in its shadow. There are also many places to stay in London around there. Business men and women who cross or walk pst the bridge every day barely seem to notice its presence, whilst visitors to the city flock to see and photograph the landmark.

The Bridge underwent a massive four-year facelift in the run up to the 2012 Olympic Games and was stripped and repainted amongst other redevelopments.  The reason for this work became clear in the opening ceremony when Tower Bridge was lit up with the Olympic rings – a feature piece for the entire games.  The Bridge was restored to its Red and White splendour for the event, but interestingly has not always followed this colour scheme.  This was decided in the 70s as a celebration of the Queens Silver Jubilee;  it had always been a greenish blue colour prior to this.

There is much more to the modern day Tower Bridge than there first appears.  For example, did you know there are precisely four, yes four, venues available within the structure of Tower Bridge?  These include the upper level which can hold up to 250 people and the engine room for those who prefer an alternative to halls and hotels.  There are also exhibitions running often. Currently “This is London”, based on the children’s book of the same name can be found here – a family friendly exhibition that looks at how London has changed since the 1950s.

There is always something going on in and around Tower Bridge making it more than just a method of transport.  You will often find live music at the bridge as well as theatre productions, food festivals and markets all making this iconic bridge special to those who have the pleasure of visiting.

There are views people will cross continents for, and the spectacle of Tower Bridge is one of these for many visitors to the UK.  If it is right in your own capital city there is no excuse but to see what the fuss is about. Tempted to see it for yourself? Visit a travel specialist such as Travel Associates and get started on planning your trip to this grand old city.

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