The Early Bird’s Guide to Golden Week (October Holiday)

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It’s never too soon to start planning a vacation for Golden Week, or October week holiday as it’s more commonly known. To guarantee a good deal, book early – and to increase the chances of grabbing a bargain, try using online price comparison sites such as, or local travel agencies like FlightCentre. Here are five fantastic destination options for the week:


Istanbul, Turkey

The current problems in Turkey have been putting some visitors off going – but this can be a tremendous boost for the clued-up traveler. Companies will be keen to attract tourists back to the country, and so will be offering some big discounts come October. Istanbul is a great place to visit – one of the most cosmopolitan and varied cities in the region, its location where Europe meets Asia makes it full of interest.


Hainan, China

Visiting Hainan is a great way of experiencing a tropical climate without having to leave China. The city of Sanya is at a similar latitude to Vietnam, so the weather is guaranteed to be hot. Return flights will cost you about 2000 RMB if you go with Spring Airlines, and you can stay in a good four-star place such as Serenity Coast Resort while saving a large amount on what any of the multi-national hotels around would charge.


Pyongyang, North Korea

Given North Korea’s secretive reputation, many will be surprised to find that tourism trips inside the country are possible. In fact, tourists have been visiting North Korea for some years now, and there’s no doubt that it’s a unique experience. Your guides will make sure you see the major sites in Pyongyang, including the enormous statue of former leader Kim Il Sung. It’s certainly a trip like no other!


Kyoto, Japan

For a very different vacation, consider a trip to Kyoto. This is one of the most historically significant cities in Japan, with a storied history stretching back well over a thousand years. The city is packed with fascinating shrines and temples, and you can see the palace the imperial family once used as its residence. Competition is fierce among operators here, which means that a bit of shopping around can cut plenty off your bill.


Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan goes all-out to attract tourists during Golden Week, so you can expect some excellent deals for hotels in Taipei. You’ll need to be quick on the uptake, though, as you’ll have plenty of competition for those discounts. In fact, the island received a record number of visitors from mainland China last year. Just make sure to book you flights and hotel in advance.The National Palace Museum is an essential stop, while the green spaces of Maokong mountain show a different side of Taiwan from the crowded city.

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