What your man thinks when you come home from ladies night

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For the last in the series of her regular column, LeXXX has put together a test to determine what your boyfriend really thinks when you stumble back in from buy generic cialis 20mg Ladies Night at WFC, how to do a dissertation Brown Sugar or the Apartment. Will he always be there to hold your hair back on does your behaviour while intoxicated mark the beginning of the end? Take the test below to find out.

How often do you go out drinking per month?

A) 0 – 4 times

B) 5 – 12 times

C) 13 + times


Do you like making your man jealous?

A) No way, I love him and don’t want to upset him.

B) Only if he’s pissed me off

C) Yes! Keeps him on his toes.


Are you stubborn and like getting your own way?

A) No, I’m not really ever sure enough about anything to be stubborn

B) Yes, but that’s only because I know that more often than not, I’m right.

C) I only act stubborn coz I know it turns my man on when we argue


Do your friends like you drunk?

A) My friends do, not so sure bout the boyf.

B) Course they do, I’m awesome.

C) Those who don’t envy my dance moves do!


What kind of guy do you bring home from the club?

A) I don’t!

B) One who I believe can keep up at the after party

C) Not gonna lie, not massively picky


If you’re out with the gals, do you miss the man?

A) Very much so

B) Not really, more likely to avoids an argument if he’s not out with me

C) Nah, as long as he’s awake when I get home


Choice of going out clothes…

A) Meaningful jewellery

B) Leather! Or animal print.. Or both

C) Knee high boots, tank top and mini skirt




If you answered mostly A you are loving but clingy.

Boyfriend can trust you when you’re not out together. But when you are out drinking together you get a bit clingy and this sometimes frustrates him. His visible frustration often leads to you getting all emotional (especially if you’ve had one too many) and he has to spend the night reassuring you that he does indeed love you. If you ask me, this is just pushing him away – be more secure!


If you answered mostly B you are angry but feisty.

You’re an angry drunk and your man doesnt know whether to like this or not. On the one hand he’s scared that you’ll get all aggressive and start a fight with him, or worse still, with someone else. On the other hand, the fire inside you turns him on. On a positive note, if you guys get into a fight, the drunken make-up sex is amazing.


If you answered mostly C you are sexy but slutty.

There’s a difference between looking hot and sexy when you go out and just looking and acting slutty. The latter definitely does not turn your boyfriend on. The booze may be giving you more confidence but more often than not your man will be ashamed of the things you do. He would much prefer you to be sexy out and slutty when you both get home.




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