Quake Appeal – Wednesday, March 30th

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Shanghai Squared would like to lend it’s support to the victims of the recent Japan quake and tsunami. Please show your support by joining QUAKE APPEAL on Wednesday, March 20th. Details below.

On Friday, March 11, the 8.9 magnitude Tōhoku earthquake devastated the coast of Japan – the worst earthquake the country has experienced since 1923. The earthquake was so powerful that it triggered a destructive 10-meter high tsunami, which struck the country’s northeastern shores and washed away entire towns. The country is entering a dark period in time as the destruction caused by the natural disasters has taken the lives of over 9,000 people with many more still left missing.  The earthquake and the subsequent destruction have caused Japan to suffer upwards of $300 billion in damages, which will take many years for the country to rebuild.  As these tragedies unfold, we cannot afford to stand by and watch.

Three friends (Mindy Chen, Whitney Yang and Nina Kong) are taking action by organizing a benefit party to provide necessary emergency relief for Japan’s victims. Please join us for QUAKE APPEAL on Wednesday, March 30th- a casual evening filled with live music, raffle drawings and a live auction, all while enjoying a magnificent view of the Bund.  The evening’s proceeds from the entrance fees, drinks sales, raffle tickets and the live auction will go directly to the Japanese Red Cross with a target to meet 50,000 RMB.  Please join us for this special event as we put our hands and hearts together for Japan.




Mindy Chen, Whitney Yang and Nina Kong 这三个年轻人正在筹备一个慈善派对,希望可以为日本的受害者提供必要的紧急救援物资。3月30日周三晚上,欢迎加入我们的派对,届时有现场音乐演奏,抽奖环节和现场拍卖会,拍出惊喜大奖。当晚的所有收益,从入场费,饮料销售,抽奖券和现场拍卖的所得都将直接捐给日本红十字会,我们的目标是至少50,000元人民币。请加入我们的行列!在这个特殊的时刻,让我们与日本一起心手相连! 



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