Male Prostitution: A Lifestyle Enhancer?

March 3rd, 2011  |  by  |  Published in LeXXX on Love and Lust

Late night socialites Ivan Yoong and Angelo Romano step in once more for LeXXX.

There are academic help too many parties and too much fun to be had to settle for the life of a humble Shanghai English teacher. This week, Angelo and Ivan set out to find those who have turned from Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo education to male prostitution to fill there pockets and enhance their lifestyle.

After numerous phone calls they were able to trade a free lunch in exchange for an interview with two gigolos. Their real names have been modified to protect their identity.


Ivan: How did you get into prostitution?

Ruddy: I first saw ‘escort’ services on gay websites like and more recently and since I was having lots of sex already so I thought “why not get paid for it?.” The idea of some guy giving me a blowjob with a real happy ending in the form of 1000rmb, or double that if I jerked him off too.

Johnny: I started as a supply teacher and met many wealthy parents. It took only one worldly trailing spouse to over share after dinner at her house to launch me into what would become my first client. She subsidized our liaisons through introductions to new clients in exchange for fresh, young meat. We had quite a good working relationship.


Ivan: Who earns more out of you two?

Johnny: I average 12,000RMB a month.

Ruddy: I make three-times that.

Johnny: …but I only do this part time.

Ruddy: My cheapest trick (sexual encounter) was 150RMB because I lost my bag at the previous hotel and needed money to get home. As it was, he gave me a lift anyway.


Angelo: Where’s the best place you’ve been taken?

Ruddy: His place, Marriott hotel room in Hangzhou where I didn’t leave the room for three days. We just ordered room service in-between marathon sessions. I was chauffeured there and back and with unlimited minibar and all the facilities, including beauty treatment, facials and spas. The sex didn’t need to be incredible.

Johnny: She fine Magliette da calcio poco prezzo dined me at the Puli restaurant followed by endless champagne at Bar 88. She tried to get me hammered on champagne before she snuck under the table to fluff me and make sure I was ready to go.


Ivan: Have you ever had a bad trick?

Ruddy: No trick’s a bad trick, I’m smarter than most of the novices in the industry. I’ve got a damn good mouth and I know how to work it.

Johnny: I woke up in a small, Chinese hotel room coming down from performing for a group the night before. My things had been stolen and the hotel room cleaned out, all I had was my boxers and an unpaid hotel bill. At least the window in the toilet was wide enough to jump out of.


Angelo: Craziest experience?

Johnny: One lady had me wear her son’s high school uniform and made me call her ‘momma’ whilst I was keeled over her lap being spanked (with what I later realised was a photo frame of her husband and kids). All I could do was remind myself of the 3000RMB she paid for dinner at the Ritz an hour before.


After the interview with the boys, we drew the following comparisons and conclusions between English teaching and male prostitution: punishments can be rewarding and spanking is definitively more enjoyable outside of the classroom!


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