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It is an undeniable fact that most girls have a “type” of guy they are attracted to. Not sure if you have a type? Can’t put your finger on what exactly turns you on to a guy?  Well don’t worry girls, that’s what I’m here for. Listed below are the most common features or “types” of guys that us girls here in shanghai seek.



These are usually artistic, such as photographers or artists but can also be cooks or anything else really. There are also girls who try and avoid men with certain professions, here in shanghai I think teachers are sometimes a no-go (Editor: Filthy teacher scum!)…don’t know why really as they’re lovely.


Limited Stay

Why would we like a guy who’s got his onward flight ticket already booked?

Well if we’re not looking for a serious relationship then these are the best kind. A bit of fun for a while, not here long enough to get attached and once we Ray Ban outlet get bored well, they’re gone. Perfect.

I have come across some girls who have a thing for FLOPs (Freshly Landed Off the Plane). This is a kind of “type” that no girl would really know she went for until it is pointed out to her by friends. The usual length of time the victims have been in Shanghai varies between 24 and 72 hours. No more.

Religion, Race and Age

Then there are more obvious factors which attract us (or which for the same reason keep us away) such us, certain religions, races or age. Some girls may only go for Chinese or black guys whereas others won’t. Some more traditional girls would only go for a man of the same religion as her (whether this is because she genuinely wants this or because she needs to please the parents is sometimes difficult to tell though).


Older Guys

It is also very common for girls to like older guys. By older I don’t just mean a couple of months or years (as this would be the case for most of us) but guys who are a ray ban da sole outlet fair bit older (let’s say 8 +). Whether we know it or not, one of the reasons for this is security. Girls like to know their men are stable, have a job, a house and tend to be more mature than the guys our age. Most of these older men would have a substantial amount of money. Girls who like men with money are quite common and are known to us as gold-diggers.

On the other hand, some girls may only be attracted to younger guys. This is less common but a “type” nonetheless.

Appearance and Personality

Then we have the two main factors which girls take into consideration: appearance and personality. Some may like guys with dark hair some may like guys with blue eyes etc. or maybe they are attracted by guys of a certain nationality or area (Mediterranean etc.) or by those with a gypsy, ‘don’t care that my clothes look a mess and my finger nails are dirty’ type. As for personality well the most common is definitely the guy who can make you laugh and I can safely say that that is my type…


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