The Top Ten Chinese Excuses for Missing Class or Work

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We all need to take a day off once in a while. It’s how you handle your return to the class or the office that determines whether you get away with it or not.  The following is a countdown of our top 10 excuses for slacking off.

- Johannah Hoopes of Pub Crawl Shanghai

10. I overslept. Wo shui guo tou le.我睡过头了
9.  I was ill from eating some bad turtle. Wo chi hua du zi le.我吃坏肚子了
8. I got lost.  Wo mi lu liao  我迷路了
7. The fireworks kept me up all night. Wo kan le yi wan shang de yan hua. 我看了一晚上的烟花
6. It’s Sunday, I didn’t know we had to come to work ; wo bu zhidao xing qi tian yao shang ban ;我不知道星期天要上班;
5. I locked myself out. wo bei suo zai jia wai le :我被锁在家外了:
4.  My ayi turned off my alarm;wo de ayi ba wo naozhong guan le;我的阿姨把我闹钟关了;
3. I had to wait for someone to come fix my heat.  wo bu de bu deng ren lai xiu kongtiao.我不得不等人来修空调:
2.  I got in a scooter accident :wo bei  mo tou zhuang le :我被摩托撞了:
1. I drank too much baijiu and was throwing up all morning. Wo he le tai duo baijiu ,tu le yi zao shang :我喝了太多白酒;吐了一早上;

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