LeXXX on Lust and Love: Six Reasons to go Gay for a Night in Shanghai

February 17th, 2011  |  by  |  Published in LeXXX on Love and Lust

Local socialite, Ivan Yoong and Angelo Romano step in for LeXXX providing an inside best dissertation writing service scoop on why Shanghai is a great city to be gay cheap viagra canada for one night.

In a city as diverse as Shanghai, we find ourselves brushing shoulders with all walks of life.  Whole communities of people that didn’t necessarily have a large presence in our home towns are a part of daily life in Shanghai. In particular, Shanghai’s thriving gay scene can often force the uninitiated to challenge their perceptions of sexuality. Many may even consider playing for the other team… if only for one night.

Allow me to provide the skeptical with six Ray Ban Baratas seductive reasons to open up and have a big gay night out:

1)     For some reason many of the most beautiful girls in Shanghai consider it trendy to be accompanied by a gay hunky male (perhaps to complement the dress she dons for the evening). Insecure straight males may confuse them for a boyfriend and even alpha males often view the situation as a challenge.

Ironically, being that gay hunky way seems the easiest way to pick up that sexy lady!

2)     Having a gay friend means spending less money on clothes. General consensus concurs that a gay male’s fashion sense can make even Mao look like George Clooney.

“…a gay male’s selective fashion sense can make even Mao look like George Clooney.”

3)     Forget Facebook and Twitter, being gay throws you into a whole new real FACE to FACE social network. Cocktail parties, fashion events, movie premieres (hot bitches again!), not to mention the free drinks (providing you play your cards right). Sure you may feel like a gold-digger, but hey, for one night you’ve saved enough money for that new Playstation or Xbox.

4)     Being sucked off by a dude doesn’t lead to unwanted pregnancies. No sudden unexpected calls nine months later asking, “Remember that one night in Shanghai?”

“Forget Facebook and Twitter, being gay throws you into a whole new real FACE to FACE social network”

5) Thanks to masturbation, all guys know where other guys like to being touched or fluffed.  They damn well do it every morning – normally to compensate for the previous evenings failure. So if you’ve ever wondered if he’s better at it than her, he probably is.

6)     There’s a common perception that men have a higher sex drive than women – so what happens when you put a bunch of gay men in a room together? How many ray ban outlet times has your girlfriend said “Sorry I’ve got a headache”, “Let’s save it for a special occasion”, or “It’s that time of the month dear!” So think again before forking out all that yuan on the way home for that Happy Ending when you can get a freebie.

In my opinion, number six alone is reason enough to try switching teams for one night. Batter up boys and swing that sausage over my way!

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