Drunken Dragon does Valentine’s Day

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新年快乐Xīnnián kuàilè! Happy New Year was last week’s news. If you were in Shanghai, you know that phrase could turn any frown upside down. From不明白 bù míng bái moments with grumpy taxi driver to awkward elevator rides with your neighbors (after all, 23 floors takes an excruciatingly long 40 seconds), it is great to have something to break the ice.

情人节快乐 Qíngrén jié kuàilè/ Happy Valentine’s Day is the word of the week as we approach this loved and dreadful holiday. A few of us have guaranteed hookups, but the vast majority of us will be looking to go out and get rowdy, business as usual. So in dedication to this week, let’s keep some cheap oakley mandarin in mind when we find ourselves: drunk and in love.
Guys and gals of Shanghai alike will go out and get F@#$ed up to meet new people, just like every other week. Even though LeXXX seems to paint the “Women for Chinese Men” category as quite under populated, it is our duty to imagine that your Bruce Lee could be out there and equip you with the proper phrase just in case. On the other hand, it’s impossible to ignore the majority of 老外lǎowài/ foreigners that get drunk and look for their dose of short-term cures to “yellow fever”. And I have even seen a foreign girl tell a Chinese girl “他是我的男人” Tā shì wǒ de nánrén/ he is my man (boyfriend).

You are 5 pints deep from your open bar, 8 shots at 4 stops including that apple sour in your hand… you made it to the club! Now what? Your talking to a hot (insert hot Asian man or woman) and you want to ask you first question to test your drunk love inquisitive skills. Time to weed out the outliers!

1) 你多大了?Nǐ duōdà le? / How old are you?Let’s face it, the Chinese girls look like they could be between the age of 12-40 and the grown men could fool Peter Pan into thinking they were still boys. Asking their age could be the best first filter. Remember 5 + 8 + 4 drinks = questionably judgment.
Good for you! You made it home accompanied. What to say as you realize your conversation is dying? Start chanting…

2) 加油! - jiāyóu! / let’s go. Literally oakley sunglasses cheap translated to add oil or fuel, but can be taken as ‘let’s go’ or for encouragement. It’s often chanted a few times for full effect. Be funny and lighten the mood by throwing this one in to the drunken love hookup. To talk dirty, just add fuel.
Your fever just broke! Whew, way to go ninja of drunk love. It’s time to not overstay your welcome. Look, your breath alone is enough to never get a second date. So it’s time to http://www.oakleyonorder.com/ make your move, but in that slightly drunken and rapid slide towards your hangover and dawn, make sure to remember the last phrase before sneaking out:

3)你的电话(号码)是多少?Nǐ de diànhuà (hàomǎ) shì duōshāo? / What is your phone number?
Now do the dance of the shameless to the nearest cab. It was a successful night of drunken love.

What’s your drunk go to phrase in Mandarin?

新年快乐Xīnnián kuàilè! – Happy New Year
不明白 bù míng bái – I don’t understand
情人节快乐 Qíngrén jié kuàilè – Happy Velentine’s Day
老外lǎowài – foreigner
他是我的男人Tā shì wǒ de nánrén/ he is my man (boyfriend)
你多大了?Nǐ duōdà le? - How old are you?
加油 - jiāyóu / let’s go
你的电话(号码)是多少?- Nǐ de diànhuà (hàomǎ) shì duōshāo? / What is your phone number?

Looking for love this Valentine’s day?

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