Drunken Dragon Does Shanghai’s Best Street Foods

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Life moves pretty fast around these parts, so sometimes you’ve just got to eat on the go. Whether you’re sober or wasted, we all get those late night cravings for some delicious dumplings or a mystery skewer. Pub Crawl Shanghai wanted to do our part and point out some local street food havens you may have stumbled by. Below we’ll point you in the right direction and help you decipher ox tongue from stinky tofu.

One of our favorite treats is fried dumpling (shengjianbao), the dirty uncle of the steamed dumpling (xiaolongbao) family. This fried, fatty pocket of pork is the cheap oakley sunglasses perfect greasy, snack. You’ll notice them by the thick brown crispy later on the bottom and they usually come in a box of 6 for 30rmb. These juicy morsels are packed with fat soaked into the baozi so you’ll squeal with delight before having a heart attack. Find them at Zheng Yi Feng, 137 Tianping Lu, near Guangyuan Lu 天平路137号, 近广元路

Over by ECNU (East China Normal University) Zaoyang Lu is a lively street with great atmosphere, low prices and tons of street eats. There you’ll find Dongbei Renjia ( (东北人家, 384 Zaoyang Lu 枣阳路384号.), which serves up about a dozen varieties of jiozi, cold mung bean noodles with cucumber (Huángguā 黄瓜)and sesame paste (东北大拉皮) and deep-fried sweet potato (Gānshǔ 甘薯) coated in caramelized sugar (拔丝地瓜).

Our other late night staple has got to be stir fryed rice (shuǐdào 水稻) and noodles (miàntiáo 面条). This timeless combo hits the spot without fail.  The bowl of stick-to-your-ribs street noodles comes in any variety – with greens, sprouts, egg, and extra MSG. Sit Pushkin Park (Yuyuan Lu, Dongping Lu) and follow our foreign policy of no carb left behind.

If you’re down with shellfish, head over to Shouning Lu (close to Huangpi Nan Lu) for crayfish (chao ji shao kao 韩记烧烤). This local spot serves up steaming bowls of the stuff, along with shucked oysters, scallops and Suntory beers, all at 5rmb. Down a Suntory on the spot and you’re in crustacean heaven.

For dessert, head to Dingxi Lu. In addition to soups of all sorts, you’ll find a Hong Kong style diner called Kings. On weekdays they offer up rotating specials on desserts like mango pudding and fruit sagos (5rmb). And if you love egg tarts (dàntà 蛋挞), you’re in for a treat, savoring three hot, custard cakes at 3 for 12rmb.


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