Rants and Raves: No Heat? No big deal?

January 21st, 2011  |  by  |  Published in Rants and Raves  |  2 Comments

After living in our apartment for about two weeks with no heat in our living room I’ve decided to turn my frown upside down and consider the pros of this frugal living arrangement.

(note, we’ve tried multiple  times to have Hisense fix the heat.  Currently, they have been to our apartment 6 times and have still not fixed the problem)

1.     As I’ve already mentioned, it’s cheaper.  While the heat may be running in our individual rooms 24/7, it’s NOT running in the living room and wasting energy heating all those other places like the bathroom, kitchen, foyer etc. which means we are saving a few kuai here and there

2.     We don’t need to refrigerate leftovers.  You know how its gross leaving a pot of soup on the stove and simply reheating it 6 hours later for dinner?  Well, it’s not at all a health concern when your kitchen is as cold as your fridge.  Back to that whole “saving” thing.  Every time Ray Ban Baratas we don’t wash a pot to put leftovers into Tupperware we’re saving water and in turn working towards a greener world for you and me.

3.     Going outside isn’t painful.  For those of you sitting in your cozy living rooms watching TV I’m sure just the thought of going outside makes your body convulse in shivers. Not us!  I was just on the balcony watching the snow fall and thought to myself “hmm, not that much colder outside… great!”

4.     Cold beer anyone?  Any beer, any time, anywhere is ready for consumption. Frat houses would be jealous.

5.     Your roommates smell better.  What’s the correlation between temperature and cleanliness you ask? Well, allow me to illustrate.  Everyone knows SOMEONE who has a smelly roommate that thinks good hygiene is only “optional” in a shared living environment.  Even those stingy with soap are more likely to take a nice hot shower if it’s the only way to restore feeling to their fingers and toes.  We’re squeaky clean over here. 2 showers a day. So much for the water we saved not doing dishes.

6.     No cleaning up messy house parties.  Who wants to go party somewhere where they can see their breath INside? Not me! And luckily, not my friends either.

7.     No living room walk of shame.  Has your overnight guest ever been bashful about leaving the confines of your room after hearing chatter coming from the living room?  Well, when your living room is uninhabitable, they can simply slide out unnoticed by everyone.  And for that, I know they’ll thank you.

8.     The dishes in the sink get washed. Back to that whole numb fingers bit.  Washing the dishes means leaving your hands under hot running water for a few minutes ray ban outlet and thus, giving them the gift of feeling once again.  Our dishes when to being stacked sky-high to barely enough to keep sensation in our fingers.

9.     No bugs! Even cockroaches are searching for a warmer place to spend their winter, so they wont be spending it with us.

10. The apartment is tidier, in general.  You know how they always discover things and then say its like they are “frozen in time”?  Well, the same holds true for our living room.  If no ones out there, no one can leave a plate or half drunk cup of tea on the coffee table.  And you better believe the remotes aren’t missing nor do we have to tidy up for guests, because hey, we don’t have those either.


  1. Han Zhong says:

    January 25th, 2011at 5:56 am(#)

    This is how Chinese people live as if you want to save a couple of RMB then its no big deal. I dont see the point of freezing at home to save 100 or 200RMB on the monthly power bill.

  2. The Drunken Dragon Team says:

    January 25th, 2011at 2:53 pm(#)

    @Han- It’s not by choice !! We want heat !



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