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Six weeks since launch and with over 10,000 page views under our belt, Shanghai Squared is evolving. Today we introduce five new squartributors (contributing squares) who will blogging for us over the next ten weeks. Meet the team and checkout the new weekly line-up.

- Stephen Wright, Editor


Illustrator Robin Miao Wang brings you the story of Expo mascot, Haibao, in a post-Expocalyptic   Shanghai.Prepare for celebrity meltdown on a Britney scale.

Robin is into drawings, photographs and poetry. Her artwork ranges from portraits, fashion illustration, documentary illustration to travel journals. Having spent the past two years working in finance, she is currently perusing her passion for art while enjoying tea and learning French in Dalian.


Architect Evan Chakroff casts his professional eye over the city’s most noteworthy constructions. From the classic concessions of years gone by, to the rather bizzare faux-English “Thames Town” , Evan sheds new light on the shapes of the city.

Evan Chakroff is an designer & theorist currently based in Shanghai’s former French Concession. After spending several years in Europe with architects Herzog & de Meuron (Beijing National Stadium) and Massimiliano Fuksas (Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport), Evan made the move to China, and hopes to use design & criticism to better understand this sprawling, vibrant, sometimes infuriating country at this crucial point in its modern history.


The Drunken Dragon team teaches Ray Ban outlet you the essential Chinese that you’re either too embarrassed to ask or too drunk to remember. From street food to pick up lines, ordering the perfect [read: stronger] drink to pedestrian safety, the drunken dragon has practical Chinese for everyone.

The Drunken Dragon began in business school when three unlikely MBA’s decided to try something different. Brandon, Liz and Jo moved to Shangers with high hopes of meeting some good people and having a great time. They took their social ambitions to the streets by starting Shanghai’s first weekly pub crawl. This crew rolls to different bars each week, exploring the city’s nightlife options and imbibing everything from beer to baijiu. No matter where the night takes them, they always have a shot in hand and a story to share.


Seductress LeXXX (pronounced Lex or Le XXX depending on which side of the Eurostar you call home) brings you a weekly dose of Shanghai smut and well trimmed advice in Shanghai Squared’s very own sex column.

LeXXX is ShanghaiSquared’s resident expert on all matters of love and lust. She spends her evenings observing Shaghai’s dating scene through a glass of red wine. From a ray ban da sole outlet sloppy ladies night kiss to the most explicit sexpat fantasy – LeXXX has seen, heard and done it all. You can ask seek her advice by emailing her at lexxxsquared@gmail.c0m.


Photographer Galen Stolee takes you on a journey around Asia through the lens of his camera. Galen creates pictures that, beyond just telling a story, depict a whole world of colour, shadows, and light that is “truer than true”, where the notion of reality of open for debate and where every moment breaths with life and spark.

Galen Stolee is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based out of New York City, San Francisco, or Ho Chi Minh City, depending on which day of the week it is. He has no children and is afraid of narwhals.

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