Car hits pet dog, owner forces driver to kneel for an hour

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I generally try to refrain from re-posting stuff from other blogs, but this story from Shanghaiist was too good not to. Check out this for a headline:

Car hits pet dog, owner forces driver to kneel for an hour

In nearby Suzhou, a pet dog was accidentally crushed by a passing minivan. Just how is this news? Stay with me. When the owner found out, he became so Ray Ban outlet infuriated that he forced the driver and passenger of the car to kneel over his pet’s corpse for an hour as an apology.

An eyewitness who requested to remain anonymous says he was watching from his building when around 12 noon, he saw a green postal minivan hit a dog that’d come out into the street suddenly. When the driver and passenger got out to check, the life had been well snuffed out of the pooch. The outraged owner, a 20-something male, demanded 5,000 RMB in compensation, and even started getting physical with the men. When the two men from the minivan didn’t have the money to pay up, he forced them to kneel in front of his dead dog’s body for one hour.

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