Shanghai’s Scenesters on the Best Music of 2010

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We asked ten of Shanghai’s hottest music scenesters to select their favourite tunes of 2010. Being “2 cool 4 skool,” most of them didn’t get back to us, but here is the rundown of those that did.

Foamo- Jookie

My friends tend to get sick of the songs I DJ Vendita nuove maglie calcio poco prezzo faster than I do. They let me know about it too.  Reactions to my overplayed favorites range from “oh, you” eye rolling to the thumbs-down “boo!” – but after almost a year (a millennia in dance music years) this one was still pulling smiles and moving feet.

Foamo hooked me on the big wobbly fidget electro sound a few years ago. With Jookie, he pushes things in a tribal direction, albeit with huge bass. A lot of my favorite dance music songs are ones without lyrics, but that get me (and, hopefully, the club) singing along, “ba ba ba ba ba daaa” etc – the horns in Jookie are perfect that way.

- DJ Mau Mau

Evil Einsteins – 300

The Best Song/Music Video of 2010 goes to none other than Shanghai’s local Hip Hop duo Evil Einsteins (pictured above) with their highly anticipated Christmas release of 300.  Merry Christmas, bitches.  Rapper One Consciousness drops 300 consecutive bars of political punch lines over a 13 minute beat produced by Mix Masta Maculate. The beats per minute gradually accelerate as the music video challenges the viewer.  How aware of global civilization are you? How well do you follow the current state of affairs?  You must be quick to pick up everything the first time around.  I think I’ll check it out on YouTube again before my VPN expires.

- Jeremiah Schwartz, CEO of The TRI Federation

Boys Climbing Ropes – Life Knife

Boys Climbing Ropes have had a great year playing all over China, growing better and better as they do. This song has been played at every one of their concerts. It’s an strong tune with a very Shanghainese atmosphere: the speed, the changes of volume, and the power in it. I’ve listen to it live many times and feel ready to rock out every time I hear the opening chords. I’ve also been listening to the album through my the headphones as I travel across Shanghai. I respect this band because their mind is where it has to be (their musical mind at least). With so many Chinese bands loosing track, keeping the focus and not falling for silly distractions is a big challenge. BCR is band of warriors and Life Knife has been on the top of the charts of Shanghai’s live music scene this year.

Alec Haavik – The Mind is a time Machine

This song is not recorded yet, the only way of hearing it is to go to Alec’s Thursday night at JZ. The Mind is a time Machine is a very peculiar song, executed with a complex musical structure, it’s long and heavy, with many textures and colours -  it’s a trip. Alec has been making music in Shanghai for many years and his songs,  arrangements, and interpretations make for interesting listening.

This song has showcases the many dimensions that Alec achieves in his music. The Friction X, Alec’s band, is such an amazing group of musicians grooving together, yet this song challenges them. Given how amazing musicians they are it’s fun to see them struggle. Alec has told me many times that the song is still a work in progress and that they don’t have it together yet.  But for me it’s perfect in its immaturity: it demands attention to get into it and it’s the kind of music that expands your mind.

- Mache, Editor of

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

While Barack Obama may have been essentially correct in labelling Kanye West a “jackass”, West has  managed to somewhat redeem himself with the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy – my choice for “album of the year.”

Although lyrics such as “Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh? I put the pussy in a sarcophagus” may leave some baffled, the true genius of the album comes from the quality of its production. In his latest single All of the Lights, West gives the sampled voices of featuring artists Alicia Keys, Fergie and Rihanna a new lease of life through some exceptionally well-processed beats.

For this record, West scrapped the auto-tuner for the emotive multi-layered vocals of Bon Iver.  The unexpected collaboration with an indie-folk artist marks a departure from the previous album 808s & Heartbreak. And shows that West’s ability to draw from multiple music genres whilst retaining his signature – and let it be said – shamelessly addictive sound.

- Stephen Wright, Editor of


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