Freshly Squeezed

December 27th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Blog

It’s the Monday morning after a weekend of festivities and heavy drinking. Santa has come and gone leaving cheap oakley sunglasses behind various badly chosen gifts (in my case a Kindle) and the odd strike of genius (which in my case was additional pairs of socks0).

With Christmas over and the NYE on the horizon we decided to provide you with some inspiration on potential new years resolutions. Make a pledge to help reduce you Shanghai’s air pollution and find out why in this weeks Feature: A Breath of Fresh Air.

Back when the website was in the early stages of development, I did an interview with Ivan Yoong, the co-founder of OzNz (now The Oz). While it wasn’t the first interviews I did for T@lk, it was the first I conduced in the nude. Since Ivan’s favourite place in the city was a steamy and mysterious bath house, I couldn’t record the interview. Hence why it’s not verbatim. Read what Ivan said here.

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