What are you doing Saturday night?

December 17th, 2010  |  by  |  Published in Blog

What are you doing Saturday night?

Because the newly renamed and revamped The Oz (formally OzNz) is offering seven and a half hours of open bar in what looks to be this weekends best deal in town.

Those of you carrying the X and Y chromosome cheap oakleys may be a little dismayed to find out that you have to pay 20 RMB more then your XX counterparts.

While this may seem a little unfair, the “at the door” charge is 150 RMB irrespective of your sex. Ladies, best RSVP asap to cash in on the sexism.

The night is set to finishes up at Club Gaga’s opening night.

Shanghai knows how to exploit a celebrity name to promote a club like no other. First Obama Club, now Club Gaga. I’m holding out for Club Julian Assange – it’s gonna be off the hook!

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