Shanghai Squared Launch Party

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Last night Shanghai Squared celebrated its launch with a party of endless booze and shameless promotion. In the name of investigative journalism, we asked guests to anonymously answer a number of party questions which were posted around the apartment. Here are the results:

When a party invitation says “BYOB”, do you contribute to the beverage pool? How much “B” do you bring? Enough for others or just yourself?

I brought some beers but you know….free beer is better!

I brought two tall boys…nuff said.

Los Mejores deseos y mucha sueite!

There’s always enough booze. I bring the skittles, gummybears and cookies. There is never enough of that.

I’m not a super sharer, I’m a half sharer: I will Ray Ban outlet contribute if I have enough for myself first (how selfish hee hee).

BYOB = one unity. i.e. 1 bottle of wine, 1 six-pack, 1 twelve pack etc. I share with my friends. Moochers can f*** off.

Are you a party pooper? Do you “number 2″ when you’re at a party? Why or why not?

Yes, I poop at parties. I don’t see a problem in giving into my natural processes whenever the moment is upon me. However, I always make sure a plunger is nearby.

Never poop at a party. Or the party god will pop on you.

When nature calls, dukes are dropped!

Party poo is great. Any time to drop the kids off at a friends house is always a good time!

You’re at the party, you’ve targeted a hook-up. You both want it. Where do you go? Inside, outside or around the house to get to the business?

No matter what, foreplay must happen in the cab. It’s slightly public, it’s wrong, it’s seedy and it’s a promise of things to come.

Ho-tel, Mo-tel, Hol-i-day-innnnn.

We’ll fill ya hole at OzNz

Definitely on the sofa so everyone can see and feel awkward.

UR smoking room (I did it)

How about the attic??

We want to know what kind of content you’d like to see on the site?

Listings for cheaper restaurants – also, which local little Chinese places have menus with pictures or are in English.

Shanghai Dare: dare readers to document themselves pulling pranks on unsuspecting expats or locals. Showcase or reward the best.

Rants and raves section on the site.

Urban Artists: encourage the readers to scan and send in sketches of Shanghai.

Porn + White rappers

Can you handle this? Challenge expats to do a specific task in a Shanghainese way. E.g. spend a day in ridiculously high heels.

Haunted Shanghai: where are all the ghosts?

Thanks to all our guests for supporting Shanghai Squared.


  1. Robin says:

    December 11th, 2010at 10:18 pm(#)

    Haha,I like the beer with the logo.Congrats again!



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